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    ★ Bowie Knife

    ★ Bowie Knife

    Case Hardened

    Skin class

    Skin class

    ★ StatTrak™

    Wear limits

    Wear limits



    [ edit ]

    Appearance history

    Bowie Knife | Case Hardened (Bowie CH) was added to the game on February 17, 2016, alongside the start of Operation Wildfire. The skin is available in The Operation Wildfire Case.

    Pattern description

    The hardened blade and the guard are covered with blue, violet, and yellow stains. The handle is painted black.

    Effect of float

    Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.00 to 1.00, which makes Bowie Knife | Case Hardened available in all conditions. Scratches and abrasions do not appear on the body of the knife. Traces of patina are already present on the blade in Factory New condition. At levels of wear close to the maximum, the layer of patina enlarges significantly, the blade becomes noticeably darker.

    Skin Features

    The quality of Bowie Knife | Case Hardened is Covert. The skin has a StatTrak option and belongs to the "Case Hardened" series.

    Skin popularity

    "Case Hardened" is one of the most popular skins for Bowie Knife and has a very large number of fans. Rare pattern variations of Bowie Knife | Case Hardened are highly valued by skin collectors.

    Pattern difference

    The pattern index affects the location, color, and shape of the stains. The pattern variations with a predominance of clean blue stains on the play side (“Blue Gem”) are considered to be the rarest and the most expensive ones. The cheapest and the most common pattern variations are those with yellow blades or yellow blades with inclusions of blue covering up to 40% of the blade surface.

    Inspect the skin

    All pictures of skins are unique development of CS.MONEY team.

    3D View
    Only rare patterns
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    Pattern not available

    Price chart

    Relevant prices for ★ Bowie Knife | Case Hardened skin on CS.MONEY are listed below.

    Factory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-ScarredFactory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-Scarred
    ★ StatTrak™
    PRICE, $


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