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Skin class

Skin class

Wear limits

Wear limits




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No pattern difference
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Price chart

Relevant prices for SSG 08 | Orange Filigree skin on CS.MONEY are listed below.

Factory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-ScarredFactory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-Scarred


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Appearance history

SSG 08 | Orange Filigree was added to the game on November 18, 2019, as part of The Canals Collection, which was released alongside the start of Operation Shattered Web.

Pattern description

The design of the skin is inspired by Italian medieval tapestries. The body of the rifle is painted brown, the barrel and the lower part of the handguard are not painted. The entire body of the weapon is adorned with a dark orange floral pattern. The scope is painted solid brown.

Effect of float

Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.00 to 0.50, which makes SSG 08 | Orange Filigree available in all conditions. The first small abrasions are already present on the rifle’s body in Factory New condition. At levels of wear close to the maximum, the size and number of abrasions increase significantly, the paint layer on the barrel and the scope is almost completely peeled off.

Pattern difference

The pattern index affects the texture overlay. Rare or special variations of the pattern are absent.

Skin Features

The quality of SSG 08 | Orange Filigree is Mil-Spec Grade. The skin is not available with the StatTrak counter and has no souvenir option.

Skin popularity

At the moment, SSG 08 | Orange Filigree is not on the list of popular skins and is rarely seen in the game.


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