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Skin class

Skin class

Wear limits

Wear limits


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No pattern difference
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Price chart

Relevant prices for Negev | Drop Me skin on CS.MONEY are listed below.

Factory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-ScarredFactory NewMinimal WearField-TestedWell-WornBattle-Scarred


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Appearance history

Negev | Drop Me was added to the game on July 1, 2022, as part of The Recoil Collection, which was released alongside A New Cassssssse update. The skin was created by Kattys.

Pattern description

The entire body of the machine gun has been painted with fragments of various patterns as well as gray hand-painted images. The handguard is adorned with an image of the STOP sign with black letters DR hand-written over it. The beige handle features the bomb code. The skin’s color scheme includes red and various shades of brown and green. The skin is artificially aged and coated with a layer of rust.

Effect of float

The skin’s Float Value ranges from 0.00 to 1.00, which makes Negev | Drop Me available in all conditions. Scratches and abrasions are already present on various parts of the weapon’s body in Factory New condition. At levels of wear close to the maximum, the number and size of abrasions increase significantly, the paint layer on the receiver peels off almost completely, the skin becomes noticeably darker.

Pattern difference

The pattern index doesn’t affect the skin’s appearance.

Skin Features

The quality of Negev | Drop Me is Mil-Spec Grade. The skin is available with a StatTrak counter.

Skin popularity

Negev | Drop Me is currently a rather popular skin, which is often seen in the game.


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